Direction and Art Direction: Blanca Barbat
Asistant: Hugo Finlay and Dolores Mendy.
Camera: Blanca Barbat and Hugo Finlay
Music: Pau Marfá
Sound Design: Blanca Barbat
Duration: 17:25
Color: Black and White
Tecnique: Digital
Year: 2017
Professor: Dr. Carles Ameller
Expert: Germán Regeira

This is my final degree work of the Art University of Barcelona.

As multiple conflicts of different natures befall our world, no longer are we distanced from them. Our age is characterized by being an interconnected system. This audiovisual essay touches upon different elements related to the cause and effect of armed conflicts, using Syria as a starting example. To carry this project out I did field research. I contacted refugees in Germany, volunteered at a refugee camp in Greece, and took two artistic approaches prior to the final formalisation.
The essay is materialized in an audiovisual installation composed of one film projection and four loudspeakers connected to a multifocal source. In a dark room I combine silence with sound, harmony with noise, quietness with restlessness, loneliness with companionship, past with future, cause with effect, alignment with misalignment, light with shadow, and madness with rationality. During this experience these concepts come together and form the narrative’s main character.

© 2017 Blanca Barbat, All Rights Reserved