The Performance Weekend was a happening Argia Werner and me organised in Bonn in June 2016. It was an experimental event where different artist participated with different performances. Such as lectures, sound, music or jams. The performances weren’t strictly scheduled and they were unpublished new works. Things could overlap, miscarry or nothing could happened. Spectators were invited to improvise and join other performances. What happened is that performances smoothly linked or overlapped without distortion but rather increasing the intensity between each other. As well, spectators were doing some performance in the form of movement or music. It was a fluid evening that became a river. I participated as well with a performance I created and I carried with Sophie Bauler, an art therapist. In the beginning of the performance Sophie was wearing a dress I knit but I left the end untied, so I was pulling and falling apart the dress. During 43 minutes Sophie was spinning and getting uncovered and I was spinning but getting covered. It was a praise to relationships.

I dedicate this Evening to Sasha ´Der Krachmacher´, who did a great Sound Performance. Very sadly he left us three years ago. 

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