Direction: Andrea Escandón and Blanca Barbat
Camera: Andrea Escandón and Lorena Mordhorst

Casting: Blanca Barbat

Montage: Andrea Escandón

Script: Blanca Barbat
Music: Marc Ávila Català and Bernat Saus Bueno
Sound Design: Marc Ávila Català and Blanca Barbat

Color Correction: Franco Palazzo

Voice Assistant: Katharina Singh 
Duration: 07.42
Color: Color
Tecnique: Digital
Year: 2018

Thira is what remains of a volcano in the Aegean Sea; its existence dismantles the discourse in which the history of the Western civilisation has been building, the exodus of the Bible. A mysterious woman with bare feet walks through the island with a stone. A voice in off merges the thoughts of the woman and the history of the stone. Poetically evoked, the voice drives the viewer towards a perplex and critic question: What does it mean to live this reality, in this society, when the truth of the history becomes relative, and therefore, one is unable to identify with this reality? Through the desolate and beautiful landscapes, the woman plays with the stone with the determination to reveal its secrets. An evocative portrait of the confusion our civilisation creates.

© 2018 Blanca Barbat and Andrea Escandón, All Rights Reserved