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I’m courious as mad.

I’ve never past the age of why? how? who? and when?

Consuming and producing art allows

me to understand better the world. Then who identifies with my work understands as well better the world.

Is a matter of taking, giving and reciving

knowledge and experiences.

In clearer words I'm a Catalan-Spanish Multimedial Artist based in Cologne, Germany. 

In my website I show u a selection of works which draws the path I'm taking as an artist; it also shows that I'm very excited about collaborations. I enjoy doing wether Private as Public commissions.

I'm also an entrepreneur, I founded Vulvapop! a DIY Kit to empower vulva-owners to embrace their sexuality. 

For any question, interest to see my C.V, commission or collaboration please don't hesitate to contact me:

DIORAMA - serie of artist
PRODUCED by 216clicks (http://www.216clicks.com/)
ARTIST: Blanca Barbat
Password: Contact me if you want to see the video, Diorama Team is actually applying with this video series to different festivals!